KISS: The Hottest Brand In the Land

by Nicholas Buckland

‘KISS: THE HOTTEST BRAND IN THE LAND’ - The officially licensed story of the KISS merchandising craze of the late '70s/early '80s.

This thick 10x10 inch stylish coffee table book goes deep into the wild and crazy Aucoin-era to give you a big, warm hug of nostalgia. It’s like your personal time machine back to the Seventies!


• 390 pages of lush full colour photos - including KISS lunch boxes, clothing, comics, trash cans, belt buckles, tourbooks, mirrors and much, much more!! We cover EVERYTHING released

• Super rare MERCHANDISE from deep inside collectors’ vaults all around the world including USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan

• Minutiae from the Aucoin Management/Boutwell Enterprises archival documents!! We open the vault on the deals, correspondence, and money made between licensees and the band

® 2019 KISS Catalog, Ltd. Registered Trademark of KISS Catalog, Ltd.

*** T&Cs: The Autographed Ultra Deluxe Editions are limited signed copies. For whatever reason they are damaged or lost in the mail we do not have extras to replace. Basically Gene and Paul only signed what was ordered. We will happily refund all money upon receipt of returned book in the case of damages. All lost items are tracked via FedEx and we will resolve to locate your parcel.