KISS: The Hottest Brand In the Land

by Nicholas Buckland

‘KISS: THE HOTTEST BRAND IN THE LAND’ - The officially licensed story of the KISS merchandising craze of the late '70s/early '80s.

This thick 10x10 inch stylish coffee table book goes deep into the wild and crazy Aucoin-era to give you a big, warm hug of nostalgia. It’s like your personal time machine back to the Seventies!


• 390 pages of lush full colour photos - including KISS lunch boxes, clothing, comics, trash cans, belt buckles, tourbooks, mirrors and much, much more!! We cover EVERYTHING released

• Super rare MERCHANDISE from deep inside collectors’ vaults all around the world including USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan

• Minutiae from the Aucoin Management/Boutwell Enterprises archival documents!! We open the vault on the deals, correspondence, and money made between licensees and the band

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® 2019 KISS Catalog, Ltd. Registered Trademark of KISS Catalog, Ltd.


I can’t say enough good things about this book. The amount of information is amazing. Worth every penny. There’s much more information than I there would be. Flipping through the pages made me feel like I was 8 years old again. It’s my favorite KISS book now.

Ken Powell, Arizona, USA

Its amazing. A work of art. Congratulations on all your hard work, its really paid off.

Paddy Molan, Leeds, UK

A quick review: HOLY S__T. “KISS: Hottest Brand in the Land” is absolutely incredible. It just oozes quality and attention to detail. Can’t wait to go page by page, but WOW WOW WOW!!!

Julian Gill, author ‘KISS On Tour”, ‘The Kiss Album Focus’ series, ‘Odyssey’ etc etc

My copy of the book arrived in Melbourne, today. Beautifully designed, the layout is fantastic and the content is beyond words! Thanks to Nicholas , Joe and to all involved for such a masterful piece of graphic design.

Brent Millhouse, Melbourne, Australia

Speechless! Great job Nicholas! You should be very proud of this book! By far my favorite KISS book. Now I'll be searching for items I didn't know existed.

Tom Brule, Minnesota, USA

'The Hottest Brand...' is absolutely fantastic. Everything about it is beautiful: The book's weight, the paper used, the photography, the layout, etc. You have created a work of art that will resonate with true KISS fans for years and years to come

John Mincemoyer, Georgia, USA

Unboxing of a masterpiece, I take my hat off to this fantastic book, You and all your team did a fantastic job. Two thumbs up!!!!

Rodrigo Acuna, Mexico

An awesome new book detailing the unique branding and merchandise of KISS. One of the best KISS books I've ever seen.

Pete Mosq, Instagram

BAM!!!!! Nicholas, you knocked it out of the park with this book! All I can say is....Wow!!!! Thank you, this is awesome!

Quentin Nelson, Nebraska, USA